A Chris Hemsworth Bomb Is Finding New Life On Netflix

A Chris Hemsworth bomb is now finding new life over on Netflix, where it’s drawing in tons of subscribers at the moment.

Chris Hemsworth Thumb

Chris Hemsworth is a major movie star, there’s no doubt about that. But that doesn’t mean everything he does hits it big at the box office, or with critics.

Case in point: Men in Black: International. The blockbuster misfire was underwhelming on all fronts, underperforming financially and leaving fans disappointed. It may not’ve entirely killed the franchise, but it definitely dealt a big blow to it and leaves us wondering where things will go from here.

But for now, at least, it’s beginning to find some new life over on Netflix, with Men in Black: International making its way into the Top 10 in a number of countries where it’s currently available. Why that is, we can’t say, but perhaps due to Extraction, subscribers are willing to give anything starring Chris Hemsworth a chance.

Source: Giant Freakin Robobt