A Failed Chris Hemsworth And Tom Holland Movie Finds New Life On Netflix

A forgotten movie featuring MCU stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland has washed up onto the Netflix charts this week.

In the Heart of the Sea Thumb

Outside of the MCU, Chris Hemsworth has had a tough time establishing himself as a leading man. At least until Extraction came along. And one such effort where he took the starring role but failed to make much of an impact was In the Heart of the Sea.

Funnily enough, it also features Tom Holland alongside the Thor actor and with Ron Howard behind the camera, you’d think it would be a home run. Unfortunately, however, the pic made under $100 million at the box office and found itself with a 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, failing to deliver the results the studio was hoping for.

Based on the true story that inspired Moby Dick, the film is often forgotten about these days, but over on Netflix it’s seeing something of a resurgence. Indeed, having jumped up a solid 17 spots, it’s now the 14th most-watched movie on the platform, with many people likely now only discovering it for the first time.

Source: FlixPatrol