A Fantastic Chadwick Boseman Movie Is Tearing Up The Netflix Charts

A fantastic Chadwick Boseman movie is tearing up the charts on Netflix today, with tons of people checking it out.

Chadwick Boseman Thumb

Chadwick Boseman left this world far too soon, but we’ve at least got some fantastic movies of his with which we can remember his talents. Such as 42, the film that really put him on the map.

Stepping into the role of baseball player Jackie Robinson, Boseman offers an electric performance, with the rest of the flick matching his efforts and bringing us an inspirational and powerful look at the sports legend. It was a big hit with both critics and audiences at the time of its release and now, it’s doing some solid numbers over on Netflix.

Currently, it’s the 7th most-watched movie in the US and while there’s no particular reason for its sudden surge in popularity, it’s always nice to see Chadwick Boseman‘s work getting more recognition and love.

Source: FlixPatrol

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