A Forgotten MCU Movie Is Staging A Comeback On Netflix

A forgotten Marvel movie is staging a comeback on Netflix this week as it steadily climbs up the most-watched chart.

The Incredible Hulk Thumb

It’s not easy to forget an MCU movie given that Marvel Studios runs one of the biggest games in town, but if there’s any effort from the franchise that often gets overlooked, it’s The Incredible Hulk.

Obviously, that’s mostly because it’s not actually from Marvel Studios and is instead a Universal production. It also stars Ed Norton as the titular hero, as Mark Ruffalo didn’t take over until later. Add to that the fact that it’s just not very good, and it’s easy for it to slip your mind.

But over on NetflixThe Incredible Hulk is staging something of a comeback as it sits as the 16th most-watched film on the platform after jumping up 9 spots. Why it’s suddenly so popular, we don’t know, but subscribers are currently flocking to it in large numbers.

Source: FlixPatrol