A Mediocre Robert Downey Jr. Movie Is Sneaking Up The Netflix Charts

A rather mediocre movie starring Robert Downey Jr. is sneaking up the Netflix charts today as it ropes in tons of viewers.

Robert Downey Jr. Thumb

Robert Downey Jr. is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and a terrific actor, but he doesn’t always churn out hits. And Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is certainly one of his lesser efforts.

A sequel to the much better Sherlock Holmes, it features the Iron Man star as the titular detective and while it’s by no means a terrible movie, it’s definitely got some problems and was a bit of a letdown after what was a pretty strong opening for the series.

But that hasn’t deterred Netflix users, it seems, as the Robert Downey Jr.-starring pic is currently sitting at #4 on the most-watched films in the US list, and it’s expected to climb even higher in the days to come.

Source: FlixPatrol