A New Netflix Thriller Has Been Obliterating The Competition

A new thriller has been obliterating the competition over on Netflix this week, tearing up the most-watched chart.

Munich - The Edge of War Thumb

Some Netflix movies touch down with tons of buzz and publicity, and others just sort of drop onto the service without much warning or hype. But in both these instances they can find themselves troubling the Top 10 chart and that’s the case once again this week.

At #2 is Munich – The Edge of War, a historical thriller focusing on the 1938 Munich Conference, where “former friends who now work for opposing governments become reluctant spies racing to expose a Nazi secret.” With strong performances and sharp direction, it makes for a gripping watch and clearly, Netflix users agree, with the film continuing to obliterate the competition as it sets its sights on #1.

Source: ComicBook.com