A Terrible Robert Downey Jr. Film Is Surging On Netflix

One of Robert Downey Jr.’s worst movies is now taking off on Netflix on the worldwide charts, pulling in lots of viewers.

Robert Downey Jr. Thumb

Robert Downey Jr. is still most well known for playing Iron Man in the MCU, and he’s built himself quite the career off the back of that. But unfortunately, his non-Marvel efforts don’t always perform very well. Case in point: Dolittle.

The 2020 bomb saw him suit up as classic literary character Doctor Dolittle and was torn to shreds by critics and fans, losing a ton of money in the process. However, for some odd reason, it’s now making waves over on Netflix, where it’s rapidly climbing up the most-watched films worldwide list.

Why this is, we can’t say. But again, Robert Downey Jr. is a super successful actor who has quite the fanbase – one who may just be willing to watch anything he’s in.

Source: FlixPatrol

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