All Of Us Are Dead Has Already Been Dethroned As Netflix’s #1 Show

All of Us Are Dead hit #1 on Netflix shortly after its release, but it’s already been dethroned by another newcomer.

All of Us Are Dead Thumb

All of Us Are Dead premiered on Netflix on January 28th and quickly became the #1 show on the platform. But already it’s been dethroned.

The title that’s pushed it off the throne is Sweet Magnolias season 2, another newcomer that’s capturing the attention of subscribers. Of course, given how volatile the Top 10 seems to be right now, it’ll probably only be a matter of days before it, too, is dethroned, but for now it reigns supreme.

In any case, the real winners here are Netflix users, who get to feast on a ton of great content on a pretty constant basis. And if you haven’t checked All of Us Are Dead out yet, it’s well worth your time if you’re into the zombie genre.

Source: Forbes