An Underappreciated Chris Pine Movie Is Shooting For The Stars On Netflix

An underappreciated Chris Pine movie is shooting for the stars over on Netflix today as it rockets up the most-watched list.

Chris Pine Thumb

When it comes to Star Trek movies, there are a number of them that could be called underappreciated and we’d say that Star Trek Beyond definitely falls under that banner.

With an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, the threequel in the reboot series is a very strong outing for the franchise, offering up an epic adventure full of exciting action. But at the box office it underwhelmed, earning only $343.5 million and putting the property on ice for the foreseeable future as far as theaters go.

This Chris Pine-led movie is definitely worth your time, though, and now that it’s on Netflix, it seems to be finding new life. In fact, it’s jumped up a massive 77 spots today on the most-watched list to land at #21, and we can only hope that perhaps finally, folks are beginning to appreciate it more.

Source: FlixPatrol