Another Sex Education Star Doesn’t Know If They’ll Return For Season 4

Another Sex Education star has said that they’re unsure if they’ll be returning for Season 4, though they hope to be back.

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Another Sex Education star has now thrown their return for Season 4 into doubt, with Jim Howick saying he’s unsure if he’ll be back.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the actor – who plays Colin Hendricks – admitted that he thinks he has a role in the upcoming run but doesn’t know for sure just yet.

“I think I am, but do you know what? I genuinely don’t know yet, and that is the honest truth. I don’t know. They’re filming now, but it’s such an enormous cast, and it goes on for ages. So, I’m sure that I’m in their plans, but because I’m not optioned, they’ll probably tell me with a month to go.”

If Howick does indeed get left out of Sex Education Season 4, he’ll join Patricia AllisonSimone Ashley and Tanya Reynolds as those not returning for more. But thankfully, it sounds like he’ll probably be included – he just doesn’t have confirmation yet.

Source: Digital Spy