First You Season 4 Plot Details Tease Joe’s New Love Interest

We now have some early plot details for You Season 4 and they tease Joe’s new love interest in the next run.

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With Season 4 of You now in production, we’re beginning to learn more about what to expect in the next run and thanks to a recent casting announcement, it seems we now know who Joe’s new love interest will be.

Next time we see the aforementioned character, he’ll be abroad in London, being embraced by members of the posh high society and while there he’ll fall for Lady Phoebe, a “wealthy and sweet British elite whose “extreme wealth and fame” attracts shifty men for all the wrong reasons.”

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Furthermore, we know that Joe will make a new friend in Malcolm, who Deadline describes as a “privileged and narcissistic partier who ushers Joe into the wealthy social class. Malcolm dates Kate, an “icy” art curator who immediately suspects ill intentions of Joe. Based on her character description, Kate will likely prove antagonistic to Joe’s ambitions, similar to the character of Peach in season 1, played by Shay Mitchell.”

There’s no release date yet for You Season 4, but keep an eye open for more.

Source: ScreenRant