Joey King Has The #1 Movie On Netflix Today

Joey King has the #1 movie on Netflix today, and it’s got nothing to do with The Kissing Booth series, surprisingly.

The In Between Thumb

Joey King has the #1 movie on Netflix today, and while it isn’t a part of the beloved Kissing Booth series, it’s still not surprising to see.

After all, the aforementioned trilogy has made King a popular choice on the platform and her latest effort, The In Between, which targets the same crowd, is now sitting at the top of the most-watched films worldwide list. And while it didn’t do terribly well with critics, that hasn’t seemed to deter subscribers from digging into it.

For those unfamiliar, the pic follows a “teenage girl who believes her boyfriend is attempting to reconnect with her from the after world after surviving a car accident that took his life.” It’s hardly awards-worthy material, but it ticks all of the boxes for the YA romance genre and should leave Joey King fans feeling satisfied.

Source: FlixPatrol