Money Heist Is Responsible For Netflix’s Most Heartbreaking Death

Money Heist is responsible for Netflix’s most heartbreaking death, and if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know who it is.

Money Heist Thumbnail

Thanks to their huge library of TV shows and movies, Netflix has brought us many, many heartbreaking deaths. But it’s perhaps Money Heist that’s responsible for the most soul-crushing one of all. And it comes in the form of Tokyo’s demise.

Yes, the death of Úrsula Corberó beloved character came as a shock to everyone, as she was the glue that held the series together and the heart of the story. So when she met her end in the final season, it sent the fandom into total meltdown. And to find out why her exit from Money Heist is considered Netflix’s most heartbreaking death, you can continue reading below.

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