Netflix Cancelled 2 Of Their Top 10 Shows This Week

Netflix has cancelled 2 shows this week – and both of them were in the Top 10 at one point, which makes this pretty surprising.

The Imperfects thumb

Netflix cancels shows fairly often, that’s nothing new. But it’s always surprising when they bring the axe down on something that’s performed fairly well.

Such is the case this week, as they’ve decided not to move forward on additional seasons of “legal drama Partner Track, headlined by Arden Cho, and sci-fi drama The Imperfects, starring Italia Ricci.” It’s not as if either show has been a smashing success, but both of them did make the Top 10 on the platform.

The former peaked at #4, while the latter opened at #3 – so both of them performed reasonably well, but still not well enough for Netflix to order up more, it seems. And though we’re certainly sad to see them go, it’s not like there’s a shortage of fantastic series on the streaming site right now.

Source: Deadline