Netflix Is Blocking A Wider Audience From Seeing One Of Their Best Shows

Netflix is blocking a wider audience from seeing one of their best shows by denying it a physical release. For now, at least.

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Unfortunately, those of you who don’t have Netflix but are eager to check out Midnight Mass will have to keep on waiting.

As one of the best TV series that the streamer has ever produced, horror fans around the world have been eating up Mike Flanagan’s impressive show. But if you don’t have an active Netflix subscription, you’ll have to sit tight and wait a bit longer to catch it.

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Flanagan confirmed this week that while he’d like to see a physical release for Midnight Mass, the streaming giant isn’t keen on heading down that route.

“I have asked repeatedly, and at the moment, Netflix will not support a physical media release. I will keep trying, either until they change their minds or I am dead, whichever comes first,” he said.

While they aren’t common, we have seen physical releases for Netflix titles before. In fact, one of Flanagan’s previous efforts for the platform, The Haunting of House Hill, got one. But it doesn’t seem like they’re going to do the same for Midnight Mass. At least, not yet.

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