Netflix Puts New Will Smith Movie On Hold After Oscar Controversy

Netflix has just put an upcoming Will Smith movie on hold due to the controversy caused by him at the Oscars.

Will Smith Thumb

Following the incident at the Oscars last week where Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock, Netflix has now placed the former’s upcoming movie Fast and Loose on hold, shelving it for the foreseeable future.

“Netflix [has] quietly moved the project to the back burner,” writes THR. And while that doesn’t mean it’s outright cancelled, it’s certainly not an encouraging sign.

For those unfamiliar, the pic tells “the story of a crime boss who loses his memory after an attack. Piecing together clues, he discovers that he has led a double identity as a wealthy kingpin and a broke CIA agent.” No word on when Netflix will move forward with it again, but watch this space for future updates.