Netflix’s Spooky New Show Is Causing A Spike In Nightmares For Subscribers

According to a recent report, Netflix’s new show is causing a spike in nightmares and sleepless nights for subscribers.

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Just in time for Halloween, Netflix brought us The Watcher, a new show from Ryan Murphy. And already subscribers are having trouble dealing with the terrifying series.

For those unfamiliar, it tells the story of the Brannock family, “who had their dream life turned upside down by a stalker.” Sliding into the Top 10 charts and remaining there for some time ever since its debut, users just can’t get enough of it – but they’re also paying the consequences now for indulging in such a scary tale.

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According to a new study, viewers are reporting a “significant increase in nightmares and difficulty sleeping” after spending time with The Watcher. There’s also been a 527% increase in “searches online for remedies for struggling to sleep at night.”

In other words, if you plan to check out Netflix‘s creepy new show, make sure you don’t have anywhere to be early the next morning.

Source: ScreenRant