One Of Marvel’s Worst Movies Just Hit Netflix

One of the worst Marvel movies of all-time hit Netflix today, where it’ll probably draw in a fairly big audience.

Morbius Thumb

Marvel usually doesn’t miss, but they have before and one of their worst productions was Morbius.

Of course, it wasn’t Marvel Studios behind this one and instead was a Sony effort, but still, it’s a Marvel flick and let’s just say it was a pretty disappointing watch. Generic, lazy and forgettable, it’ll be remembered as being an absolute dud. Though that probably won’t deter Netflix users.

Indeed, the flick hit the platform today and given that subscribers tend not to care about reviews or what critics say, we’ve no doubt that they’ll be flocking to it. After all, it still is a Marvel movie and the brand has one of the biggest audiences in the world.

Source: Twitter