Ozark Season 4: Part 1 Ending Explained

Given how highly anticipated it is, you may’ve already binged Ozark Season 4: Part 1 and if so, here’s what you should know about the ending.

Ozark Thumb

Ozark is finally about to wrap things up with its fourth and final season, which dropped onto Netflix today.

It’s been an intense and gripping journey up to this point, and with the last run of the show, the cast and crew have gone all out to deliver another nail-biting chapter. There’s certainly a lot going on in this new batch of episodes, though, given how many loose ends need to be tied up, and you may find yourself with some questions once it all comes to a close.

If that’s the case, then you can continue reading via the button below for a full rundown of all the explosive events that took place in Ozark Season 4: Part 1 and what they mean as we head into the final few installments.

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