Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is A Bloody Fun Return For Leatherface

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is now on Netflix and while it’s not perfect, it’s certainly a bloody good time.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Thumb

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now on Netflix and judging by the first reviews, it’s not that bad.

Given the series’ track record, a lot of people were skeptical about this latest reboot but thankfully, it turned out alright. And down below, you can see what the critics are saying.

THR claims:

Slasher film fans should embrace this Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which pays loving homage to the original via a variety of Easter Eggs and doesn’t at all stint on the gore.

IndieWire, meanwhile, says:

It delivers plenty of blood spattered, gut-spilling gore to satisfy genre lovers’ bloodlust, even if we’ve pretty much seen everything a chainsaw can do by now.

Elsewhere, The Wrap writes:

This is a solid and satisfying addition to the series, head and shoulders above the worst “Texas Chainsaws.”

Nightmare on Film Street is also a fan, saying:

If you, like me, are only looking for a gory good time with a monstrous villain, youll definitely eat up what this b-movie is serving. Come for the return of Leatherface and Sally Hardesty, stay for the grisly effects and shameless chainsaw revving.

And finally, Flickering Myth states:

While it has issues, Leatherface is back and more brutal than ever. For this franchise, an average movie is an upgrade.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes