Seong Gi-Hun Will Return To The Arena In Squid Game Season 2

Seong Gi-Hun will be returning in Squid Game Season 2 and he’ll apparently be back in the arena playing the game.

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Netflix still hasn’t officially confirmed Squid Game Season 2, but all signs point to it being just a matter of time before that happens.

In fact, actor Lee Jung-jae recently revealed that he’ll be back as Seong Gi-Hun and even teased what’s to come for his character. Speaking to People, he said:

“Seong Gi-hun is going to be in the show again, and he’s going to be playing in the arena again.”

Unfortunately, that’s all he would spill, but we bet that once the holiday season is behind us and things get going again in 2022, Netflix will go ahead and make Squid Game Season 2 official.

Source: People

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