Stranger Things Renewed For Season 5, Season 4 Release Date Revealed

Netflix has revealed the release date for Stranger Things 4 today while also renewing the show for season 5.

Stranger Things Thumb

Stranger Things 4 will be here very soon, Netflix has announced.

The streamer revealed early this morning that the next run will drop on May 27th. Or at least, the first part will. And that’s because it’s being split into two, with the next half arriving on July 1st.

Not only that, but the series has also been renewed for a fifth and final season. No word on when that may be here, but it’s certainly sad to know that the end is in sight. That being said, it’s better to go out on a high than drag things on for too long and we have full faith that Netflix will be able to deliver a stunning conclusion for Stranger Things.