Stranger Things Stars Were Told The Show Wouldn’t Last

The stars of Netflix’s Stranger Things were originally told that the hit show wouldn’t last very long when it first began.

Stranger Things Thumb

Stranger Things is one of the biggest TV shows in the world right now, but the cast and crew weren’t always so confident in it.

Early on, in fact, the stars of the series were told that it wouldn’t last very long. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson, revealed this interesting tidbit, saying the following in a recent interview:

“We kept getting told ‘Enjoy while it lasts, because it’s probably not going to get a season two’ and we just watched it and just knew we were like ‘Okay we’re in good hands we’re safe, this is worthwhile.’”

While it’s easy to imagine why Stranger Things might’ve seemed like a gamble at first to some, clearly everything worked out in the end and it’s unlikely that too many shows will ever reach the same stratospheric heights of popularity that this one has.

Source: Winter Is Coming