Watch: Chris Hemsworth Pulls Off Suave Stunt In Extraction 2 Set Video

Chris Hemsworth pulls off a suave but not terribly dangerous stunt in this new set video from Extraction 2, coming to Netflix this year.

Extraction Thumb

Extraction 2 is now in production and leading man Chris Hemsworth seems intent on doing at least some of the stunts himself.

Of course, he won’t be involved in the more dangerous ones, but the less risky maneuvers aren’t an issue for him and down below you can see him pulling off a rather simple but still suave move, where he pushes forward as if he’s about to throw a punch, before smoothly putting himself into a jacket and spinning around to pull off a kick.


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Like we said above, it’s hardly the most thrilling or daring stunt you’re likely to see in Extraction 2, but it’s a fun little look behind the scenes regardless and has us excited for the film’s debut later this year.