Watch: Everything Falls Apart In Money Heist Korea Part 2 Trailer

The heist continues in this electrifying new trailer for Part 2 of Netflix’s Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area.

Money Heist Korea Thumb

Money Heist Korea hit our screens earlier this year and while it was hardly better or even as good as the original, it was still a more than enjoyable spinoff that’s soon to return for more.

That’s right, Part 2 will be with us next month and tonight, Netflix gave us a look at what to expect via the trailer above, teasing that everything’s about to fall apart for the gang as the stakes heighten and tensions rise. In short, it appears to be following very closely to what’s come before – as expected – and if you dug what the streamer brought to the table with the first part, there’s no reason not to tune in again.

Look for Money Heist Korea to drop new episodes on Netflix on December 9th.