Watch: Love Is In The Air In Bridgerton Season 3 Trailer

Love is in the air in this new trailer for Season 3 of Netflix smash hit Bridgerton, which looks like another steamy run.

Bridgerton Thumb

Each season of Bridgerton is packed with romance everywhere you look, but there’s always been 1 primary couple that’s the central focus of the run, and Season 3 will follow suit as far as that element of the series goes.

Indeed, this time it’s Colin and Penelope’s turn to step into the spotlight, as we’ll get to see their romance blossom once the period drama returns with new episodes. And up above you can get your first glimpse at how Bridgerton will look once it’s back on Netflix with fresh material.

We don’t have a date for when that’ll be just yet, but watch this space for more.

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