Method Man Wants To Join The MCU

Method Man – formally known as Clifford Smith – iconic rapper, actor, and member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, is no stranger to the world of entertainment. With a career spanning over three decades, he has successfully conquered the music and acting industries. Now, it seems he has set his sights on a new frontier : the MCU, where he dreams of joining the ranks of the X-Men as Bishop.

In a recent interview with Cassius, Smith stated that “if [Marvel are] willing to give me a shot, I’d go for it. Plus, I’ve done all the research already.” Smith has a high level of respect for the production team over at Marvel, claiming “those guys at the MCU, they know their stuff. I haven’t had any problems with any of their casting choice so far” – it’s clear he’s bargaining his best chips in an attempt to land the role as Bishop.

Method Man is no stranger to the MCU, having already worked on a Marvel Comics production, where he played himself alongside Ghost Rider – “You would think the biggest kick would be winning a Grammy or something like that, but my biggest kick is being Method Man in the Marvel Universe, as myself. That sh*t is huge!”

Who knows what the future of the MCU holds – but we for one would love to see how Method Man would fair as Bishop and a member of the X-Men.