Review: Halo Is A Serviceable But Still Entertaining Adaptation

The first reviews for Halo are now in and while they’re not terrible, they’re also not so great. But the show does have potential.

Halo Thumb

Halo has been looking mighty promising thus far, but according to early reviews, it’s not exactly the home run that we were all hoping it would be.

Indeed, the first wave of reactions are now out and unfortunately, they’re not super positive. Critics are calling Halo a serviceable series that’s entertaining but ultimately, just another mediocre video game adaptation. And you can see for yourself what they’re saying below.

“This drama comes on strong with ambient techno-babble and bureaucratic realism. It’s as thrilling as a meeting,” writes EW.

“It’s exactly what you expect. While Halo features a few minor pivots in these early hours, there’s very little to spoil and even less to spark curiosity that’s not already present,” claims IndieWire.

“Schreiber is, indeed, the most interesting thing about Halo — which isn’t necessarily saying all that much,” states AV Club.

“Boasting no technological innovation to speak of, few performances to offer meaningful grounding and only limited action thrills, Halo is aggressively forgettable, which is at least several steps up from “bad,” says THR.

“The frustrating thing about Halo is that it tries to serve two masters — diehard Halo fans and newbies who are used to the normal rhythms of sci-fi streaming series — and doesn’t quite please either,” writes Consequence.

Of course, that’s just a small sampling, and we’ll see if Halo is able to deliver for ourselves on March 24th.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes