Tim McGraw And Faith Hill React To [SPOILERS] Death In 1883

1883 stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have opened up on the death of [SPOILERS] and here’s what they have to say about it.

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1883 wrapped up its first season this week in devastating fashion, with Elsa succumbing to her wound. Suffice it to say, it was a shocking way to conclude things and now, stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have opened up on the surprising death.

Speaking to Variety, they said the following about it:

Faith Hill: When I finally finished reading Episode 10 to him, we both just sat there and said, “My God, this is one of the most incredible stories we’ve ever read.” I knew the weight and responsibility of playing Margaret and telling the story and bringing her to life — I felt an enormous responsibility. I did not want to fail… It’s going to be a good thing that [fans] hate that ending, because it has to be that way and they know it. It’s gonna be devastating. Why would you watch stuff if it doesn’t purge your emotions?

Tim McGraw: The hardest part for us, I think, was to not be emotional too early. Both of our characters are really strong people and wanted to be strong for our family. So that was the hardest thing for us, because we do have daughters and because Isabella, when we first walked on set and saw her, we said, “My gosh, she looks she could be one of our daughters…” it’s hard as a parent, playing that role — you don’t want to go to any dark places in your mind about your kid. So you have to keep trying to block that out and still be in the moment with the character that you’re playing and the characters you’re playing opposite of, but the lines do get blurry.


Faith Hill: As a mom, I can’t even allow myself to go there. I cannot. It’s really hard, even now, to talk about, because once the tears start coming, I can’t stop them. I would tell the directors, if we start going, it’s going to be hard for me to stop. It’s painful… I honestly don’t know [how this will affect James and Margaret’s marriage.]. I think I’m still reeling and that’s the truth! I mean, I’m angry. Imagine knowing that your child is going to die and you cannot be by their side? I can’t even imagine it ever. I have not recovered. I really don’t know.

Tim McGraw: I have no idea [either]. You know, Taylor Sheridan is such a brilliant writer that I can only imagine what he’s going to come up with, and whatever I imagine is probably not even going to be close. So I don’t have any idea. I’m as anxious as anyone to see what happens.

The two 1883 stars likely speak for many with their comments and as McGraw says above, we can’t wait to see what Taylor Sheridan has in store for the show moving forward.

Source: ScreenRant