The Sebastian Stan Movie No One Saw Is Finding New Life On Streaming

A Sebastian Stan movie that no one saw but is still pretty solid is finding new life on streaming this week.

Sebastian Stan Thumb

Sebastian Stan movie that not many people saw is now finding new life on streaming.

The 355 released in theaters earlier this month but you’d be forgiven for not knowing, as it got generally negative reviews and sank without a trace at the box office, not earning much money and fading pretty quickly from the conversation. As such, a lot of people missed it and again, you’d be forgiven for not even having heard of it.

Sebastian Stan The 355

But The 355 is now making a comeback on streaming, with the spy thriller soaring up the Amazon charts. In fact, it’s currently the second most-watched movie on the platform, though we’ll stress that this is Amazon and not Prime Video, meaning it’s a VOD title for now.

Still, clearly there’s interest in this little-seen Sebastian Stan effort and though it didn’t get great reviews, it’s far from a bad movie and a perfectly enjoyable way to kill a couple of hours.

Source: FlixPatrol