Jessica Lange Reveals Why She Hates Superhero Films

In a recent interview, celebrated actress Jessica Lange candidly expressed her disinterest in superhero movies and her concerns about the direction of modern filmmaking. Lange, known for her iconic roles and collaborations with renowned directors, did not mince words as she voiced her opinions on the state of the film industry.

Lange’s remarks came during an interview in which she discussed her evolving perspective on the film industry. She declared, “I’m not interested in these big comic-book franchise films. I think that they’ve sacrificed this art that we’ve been involved in… for the sake of profit.” Her comments highlight her belief that the pursuit of financial gain has overshadowed the artistic integrity of the industry.

The actress, who has earned acclaim for her roles in films such as “Tootsie” and “Blue Sky,” didn’t limit her critique to just superhero movies. Lange indicated that she has little desire to watch the majority of contemporary films, stating, “I have no desire to see 90 percent of today’s offerings.” This sentiment reflects her discerning taste and the high standards she holds for the films she chooses to engage with.

Lange’s criticism extended to the stylistic choices prevalent in modern filmmaking, including what she described as “frantic editing.” She reminisced about a time when films allowed the camera to linger on actors, allowing dialogue and character development to take center stage. Lange suggested that contemporary filmmakers may doubt their ability to hold the audience’s attention, leading to the excessive use of fast-paced editing techniques that she finds disconcerting.

Ageism in Hollywood was another critical topic Lange addressed in her interview. She expressed her disappointment by stating, “Even when it’s run by women, I don’t see a huge difference.” Her comments underscore the persistent challenges faced by older actors and actresses in an industry often focused on youth and new talent.

Jessica Lange’s candid remarks shed light on her dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the film industry, particularly the dominance of superhero films, the rapid pace of modern editing, and the ongoing issue of ageism. As a respected figure in the world of cinema, her opinions are likely to provoke further discussion about the direction of the film industry and the balance between art and commerce in Hollywood.