Moon Knight Had A Captain America Easter Egg That No One Caught

Moon Knight Episode 4 had a little reference to a Captain America character that no one caught, and here’s who it is.

Moon Knight Thumb

Moon Knight has been sprinkling a few sneaky Easter Eggs and references throughout its 4 episodes thus far and the latest one had a nod to a character who’s closely tied to Captain America, but you probably missed it.

In the most recent installment, there’s a scene where Arthur Harrow tells Layla about how her father was killed in a raid in which Marc was involved in. He also mentions that her dad’s name was Abdullah El Faouly, and while that may not ring a bell on the surface, it very likely refers to the comic book character Abdul Faoul, “who fought Captain America as a villain called the Scarlet Scarab.”

Of course, this is probably just a throwaway reference and won’t extend any further than just that, but it was nice to see Moon Knight making the nod all the same.

Source: The Direct