Eric Dane Explains What Led To Cal’s Big Meltdown On Euphoria

Actor Eric Dane has opened up on what led to Cal’s big meltdown in last night’s episode of HBO’s Euphoria.

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Last night’s episode of Euphoria has everyone talking thanks to the big meltdown scene where Cal completely goes off the rails. Eric Dane gives a terrific performance and does some outstanding work with the material, leading to one of the show’s best moments yet. And in a new interview, he opened up on what led to Cal getting to this place.

“There are causes and conditions to what made Cal, Cal, and I think watching episode three, you get a lot of insight as to how he became who he became. It doesn’t explain all of it. You know, I think at a certain age, we are responsible for taking care of our own shit, and it’s incumbent upon us to do so. We’re no longer able to blame things on our parents.”

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Continuing on, he said:

“Cal tells Nate that he’s his biggest regret and, at face value, you might think that bringing Nate into the world is a regret. I don’t see it as that. I see it as, ‘I failed with you. You’re my biggest regret because I failed.’ I don’t know if Cal hates his son. He resents him, but I think, moreso, he resents himself for continuing the cycle of handing down the terrible attributes that were handed down to me by my father.”

Euphoria will be back with a new episode this Sunday on HBO.

Source: THR