John Cena Explains Why He Wanted Peacemaker To Be Bisexual

John Cena has explained why it was important to him to make his DCEU character Peacemaker bisexual, and it makes sense.

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Peacemaker brought us many interesting DCEU-related revelations, but perhaps the one that got folks talking the most was the one about the titular hero’s sexuality.

Indeed, the series revealed that Christopher Smith is bisexual and in a recent interview, John Cena opened up about the decision and why he supported it.

I think, ultimately, that was James [Gunn]’s choice. I know he’s given me the credit for that. I just wanted this guy to have so much about himself to figure out. On the surface, he appears to be: what you see is what you get. And I think a lot of the audience who had seen The Suicide Squad, when we announced that there was a Peacemaker spin-off, a lot of them were upset because their first impression was their total impression.

What we see is what we get: We see a bad guy with no redeemable qualities. But when you dive into Peacemaker, the series, you see a human being that is like all of the rest of us. We are using our time here to simply try to figure out what the hell is going on. I thought that was a very unique added dimension, especially because of the snap judgment first impression you get when looking at the Peacemaker character.

I’ve got to give James the credit for grabbing the ball and running with it. What I like most about it, it just is. It allows the audience to come to their own conclusions and that’s okay. Very much of our show certainly approaches a lot of sensitive subject matter, but it simply just is. Again, it allowed the audience to make their own conclusions.

Peacemaker is now streaming on HBO Max, with a second run on the way as well.

Source: ScreenRant