7 Movies To Watch If You Enjoyed 365 Days

If you enjoyed 365 Days – and we know a lot of you did, based on its performance on Netflix, here are 7 more movies to check out.

365 Days Thumb

365 Days – and its sequel, 365 Days: This Day – may’ve bombed with critics, but Netflix users clearly didn’t mind.

Indeed, both films performed incredibly well on the platform, luring in tons of viewers thanks to the steamy love scenes that don’t hold back in the slightest. And while a third movie in the series is on the way, it won’t be here for a while, meaning you’ll need something to tide you over for now.

Thankfully, then, there are a whole bunch of films that follow in a similar vein and you can continue reading below for 7 flicks to watch if you enjoyed 365 Days and are craving more of the same.

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