Emma Mackey Shares Disappointing Sex Education Season 4 Update

Sex Education star Emma Mackey has shared a disappointing but somewhat expected update about Season 4 with RadioTimes.

Sex Education Thumb

Sex Education won’t be the same when it returns, that much we know.

Already we’ve heard of several key characters who’ll be missing and now star Emma Mackey has revealed that while she will be back to reprise the role of Maeve Wiley, we may not see too much of her.

“It feels very familiar! And it’s a bit more sporadic because we have more characters,” she explained. “So there’s… I’m not in it as consistently. But we’re in the middle of filming now, and I’m excited to be back. And yeah, I’m intrigued to know what’s going to happen – because I also don’t know. I’m also finding out as we go along, so it’ll be fun!”

Of course, with Season 3’s ending seeing her heading off to the US, it makes sense that she won’t be as involved in the new run as she was in previous ones. Still, it’ll be disappointing for Sex Education fans as she’s a constant highlight on the show and has offered us some of its best moments yet.

Source: RadioTimes